The Krankies


Take the Krankies wherever you go on CD


Dirty Wee boy features five track including; Fan Dabi Dozi and Pickin On Me.


Hear Clips on the jukeboxs below, please give clips time to download. Just press stop first, then when illuminated press play.


All these titles will be available by the end of April to buy online using Paypal, so check back soon to but Krankies CD's and more. Also on the jukebox to bring back memories the Crackerjack there perfomed by Chas & Dave, can you believe it's 30 years since it was on BBC1.

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Please give tracks time to load and scroll on the right of the jukebox through the tracks.




Also on compact disc the Krankie Detective Agency presents over 70 minutes of eciting children's stories.


All of the stories are narrated by Ian & Janette. Featuring 'the case of the kidnapped clown' and 'the case of the vanashing zebra'


Let the kids enjoy these hilarious tales.


It's not Mills & Boon, but is our amazing true story.


A Funny Way of Life  is a must if you want to find out more about the Krankies. It's our autobiography written by one of Scotlands top feature writters