The Krankies

Review of the Krankies show on the maiden voyage of the MS Sunbird:












Every night we were served a lovingly prepared five-course meal comprising hors d' oeuvres


soup,salad,main course followed by an outrageous dessert and all washed down by some exceptional wines. As we finished each meal, we were informed by the Head Waiter of the theme of the barbecue which was about to begins part of the party taking place on the pool deck.


The only breather from this constant encouragement to eat and drink was the after dinner visits to the My Fair Lady lounge. Here you could aid digestion and take part in a galaxy of audience participation game shows. If this sounds like to much of the holiday camp of your youth, sanctuary could be sought in the South Pacific theatre.


You will know doubt recall on those Saturday night variety shows 'live'' from Blackpool Pier or Brighton South Pier an unusual comedy duo. A Scotsman who tried to sing and a mischievous and far to worldly small Glaswegian 'schoolboy' who interrupted him with behind the-bicycle-shed comments and humor. I remember finding this all quite amusing then, but nothing to the complete raptures of delight this still very professional pair had us in during their hour-long show, when the Krankies had us all rolling in the aisles screaming Fan-Dabi-Dozi. Just as I had years gone by.


And so we quickly relaxed into this easy-to-take routine as we sailed from cultural magnificence to ancient wonder pausing only to eat and be amused and to sing along with those magnificent Filipino waiters. A lifestyle it would not be difficult to get used to.
































The Northern Echo


"The Krankies came on and saved the day. Bawdy jokes were delivered with wit and style. Husband and wife team Ian Janette had the audience in fits with there anarchic humour"



Daily Mail


"The Krankies have a whole range of comedy routines at there disposal... Janette's Madonna spoof Miniature Girl danced with two of the leggiest ladies in showbiz

amazed me"


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